Study Abroad

Biology students, including those interested in careers in medicine and health-allied professions, have frequently opted to study abroad to enhance their overall education. The Biology Department encourages its students to consider this opportunity because:

  • It provides students with international experiences in areas such as the environment, climate change, and science and medicine within a different socio-cultural context and
  • A diverse, interdisciplinary and globally-engaged scientific workforce is critical to address environmental and scientific problems on Earth.

Many biology majors choose to take advantage of the study abroad programs offered through the Pre-Health Studies Program since they were specifically developed for students who didn’t want to fall behind in the sciences while studying overseas.

Students are encouraged to have completed one of the following courses before studying abroad:

  • BIOL 199 Introduction to Biological Thinking
  • BIOL 192 Science, Math and Research Training I
  • BIOL 190 Integrated Science/Math/Computer Science I

And two additional courses:

  • BIOL200 Integrated Biological Principles I
  • BIOL202 Integrated Biological Principles II

Recommended Programs

Below is a list of exchange/study abroad programs which offer biology courses at universities in various countries as well as a list of field study programs options.

To explore these and other programs, including summer study abroad programs, internships and semester programs in other locations, as well as information on financial aid, scholarships and application procedures, visit the Office of International Education.

University-Based Programs

Field Study Programs

Pre-Medical Program at the University of St. Andrews