BIOL 351 Topics: Mechanisms of Emerging Therapeutics in Neurodegeneration

Mechanisms of Emerging Therapeutics in Neurodegeneration
Neurodegeneration affects millions of people in the United States. Both domestically and internationally, neurodegeneration is burdening healthcare systems as populations in many nations are aging. Fortunately, our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of several neurodegenerative diseases is improving. In this course, we will explore the current understanding of several neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, and Parkinson’s Disease, with a focus on shared mechanisms across these diseases. We will also explore the molecular mechanisms of drug therapies for these diseases. We will consider both approved drugs and drugs in the clinical pipeline. Class sessions will include mini-lectures, discussion of primary literature, and group work, and the course will culminate with students writing a grant proposal.