Internships and Off-campus Opportunities

Academic year and summer internship and research opportunities are a great way for students to explore career opportunities and apply their knowledge of biology to real-world situations. Students can use list of internship programs and job opportunities below to begin exploring off-campus opportunities and can also make use of the Richmond Guarantee to support their professional development. The Biology Department also maintains an up-to-date list (located here) of off-campus job opportunities related to the Biological Sciences.

During the academic year, students can take BIOL 388 to receive credit for an internship experience. To receive credit, the student must work a minimum of 70 hours per semester and meet weekly with the biology internship advisor. At those meetings, additional readings and papers may be assigned. For credit to be considered, all students must submit an internship proposal, and upon completion of the internship, they must write a biological research paper related to their work experience. Students who would like to complete an internship should contact the department’s internship advisor early, and be sure that they have read the internship guidelines. Students can also always opt to complete an internship without receiving university credit.

Jobs boards
Texas A&M job board
Ecolog-L listserv and archive
Conservation Job Board
The Wildlife Society job board
U.S. Government Jobs
Commonwealth of Virginia Jobs
Summer research programs
University of Maryland - Nathan Schnaper Program in Translational Cancer Research
National Science Foundation - Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Woods Hole Oceanogrpahic Institute
Mote Marine Lab
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Conservation and Land Management Internship Program
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Broad Institute
NIH Summer Research in Biomedical Sciences
Centers for Disease Control
Environmental Protection Agency
US Department of Agriculture
Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Janelia Farms
Coastal Biology UNFla
Anatomy U North Texas
Johns Hopkins Surophytes
Johns Hopkins Neuroscholars
Neuro UC Irvine
Rutgers Neuro and Cell
Wake Forrest Center for Precision med
U Nevada Reno - Biologically Inspired Robots
Baylor College of Med - Biomedical
Amgen Summer Scholars
Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences (BDBS) Program at Tufts
Neurobio at VaTech
Molecular Visulization at VaTech
UNC_CH Biological Mechanisms
Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) at Ohio State
Summer Research Program - Harvard Forest
Smithsonian Institution Office of Fellowships and Internships
Department of Interior Student Opportunities
External lists
AAMC curated list
Pathways to Science curated list
Hopkins currated list
Cientifico Latino curated list
Curated Physician-Scientist Summer Programs
Additional resources
Choose Development
"How to get a job in fisheries and wildlife"