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Most biology students want to see firsthand how their love of science will translate into a rewarding career. Internships are an excellent vehicle to do just that. Recent biology majors at Richmond have completed OB/GYN observations, newborn nursery observations, emergency room observations, and worked as medical scribes. They have interned in pharmaceutical research labs, with large animal veterinary clinics and the National Resource Research Center; worked with captive wild animals at Maymont; and worked with wildlife biologists with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fish.

Students can take BIOL 388 to receive credit for their internship experience. To receive credit, the student must work a minimum of 70 hours per semester and meet weekly with the biology internship advisor. At those meetings, additional readings and papers may be assigned. For credit to be considered, all students must submit an internship proposal, and upon completion of the internship, they must write a biological research paper related to their work experience. Students who would like to complete an internship should contact the department’s internship advisor early, and be sure that they have read the internship guidelines. Students can also always opt to complete an internship without receiving university credit.

To research biological internships you might enjoy, visit Career Services.

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