Studying biology gives you the tools to understand and think critically about how life works and evolves at all different levels, from molecules to cells, to organisms, to ecosystems. A degree in biology also serves as a gateway for careers in healthcare, research, teaching or scientific journalism. Major/Minor InformationCourses

Studying biology at Richmond means:

Student researcher wearing a lab goat and gloves while working in a chemistry lab on campus.

Honors Program

Students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements during their first two years at UR are invited to participate in the Biology Department Honors Program. This program provides an opportunity for students with intellectual initiative to broaden and deepen their knowledge of biology.

Biology Seminar Series

Biology Seminar Series

Seminars are held on Mondays from 12-1 p.m. in Gottwald Auditorium.

Convocation Award Winner

Scholarships & Awards

Congratulations to the following 2022 student award winners!

  • Willie M. Reams Award in Biology: Kristen Starks
  • Clarence Denoon Award: Carolyn Falco
  • Cole Memorial Scholarship Award: Dominique Pham
  • John Neasmith Dickinson Memorial Research Award: Dominique Pham
  • Robert F. Smart Award in Biology: London Nemmers, Daniel Frascella, Aelan Snyder, Mir Kim,
    Jean Patrick Gonzales, Daniel Larson, Betty Duan, Andrew Cook
  • Department of Biology Service Award: Lauren Stenson
  • Department of Biology Teaching Assistant Award: Sophia Jackson
  • Department of Biology Junior Research Award: Dominique Pham
  • Department of Biology Senior Research Award: Jean Patrick Gonzales
  • Department of Biology Junior Achievement Award: Narmeen Rashid
  • Department of Biology Senior Achievement Award: Anna Frisbie
  • David C. Evans - School of Arts & Sciences award for outstanding scholarship: Narmeen Rashid (pictured left)