Honors Program

Students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements during their first two years at UR are invited to participate in the Biology Department Honors Program. This program provides an opportunity for students with intellectual initiative to broaden and deepen their knowledge of biology. By working with a faculty member on a research project and honors thesis, students will gain an intense appreciation of scientific research as well as an understanding of how progress in science is made. Upon completion of the honors degree requirements components, the student diploma and commencement program will indicate achievement of Departmental Honors. Additionally, the honors theses are cataloged in a separate collection in Boatwright Library.

Honors Program

Students are eligible for the honors program after completing at least 18.5 units of course work (with at least 3.5 units in Biology at the 200 level or higher) and GPAs of 3.3 or higher overall and in Biology. A student may earn honors in biology by completing the following requirements:

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.30 in biology and overall;

  2. Two units total of an approved research experience (may be satisfied by a combination of 0.5 unit and 1 unit research courses taken over multiple semesters);

  3. One unit of biology in addition to those already required for the major. A grade of B or above in this course would allow it to count towards the honors degree;

  4. BIOL391 Honors Seminar I;

  5. BIOL392 Honors Seminar II; and

  6. Honors thesis written under the supervision of a research advisor and presented to the department in an oral presentation.

Students may contact Jonathan Richardson (jrichar8@richmond.edu), Assistant Professor of Biology, for more information.