Rafael de Sá's Lab

We work on systematic, phylogeny, and biodiversity of amphibians, particularly in tropical areas. Our studies focus on speciation and determining evolutionary relationships using a combined approach of molecular and morphological data sets. We are particularly interested in cryptic speciation and correlating morphological diversity with levels of molecular diversity in different species complexes and/or geographically widespread species. Documenting biodiversity in a rapidly declining and disappearing environment is also a priority; consequently, we work in collaboration with colleagues across South America and Africa, and we have active collaborations with colleagues in France, England, and Germany.

Current Projects

  • Genetic diversity of Polypedates leucomystax in SE Asia
  • The widespread African Hemisus marmoratus: is it a species complex?
  • Hidden diversity and cryptic speciation in the Neotropical genus Leptodactylus

Current Lab Members

Travis Cuddy, '15
Drew Braet, '15
Hanna Moreland