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Dr. Krista Stenger

Associate Professor of Biology, Emerita
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    Macrophages are important cells in the immune system, and catecholamines are important molecules produced by neural and endocrine cells. Recently, it has been determined that immune cells not only take up catecholamines from the environment, but also synthesize these molecules. The focus of my research is to investigate the synthesis, release, and actions of catecholamines in macrophages.

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    * denotes undergraduate coauthor

    Ciemniecki, J.A.*, Lewis, C.P.*, Gupton, J.T. and Fischer-Stenger, K. Effects of a pyrrole-based, microtubule-depolymerizing compound on RAW264.7 macrophages, Chemico-Biological Interactions, Vol. 246, 63-68, 2016.

    Khalifa,A.M., Watson-Siriboe, A., Shukry, S.G., Chiu, W.-L., Nelson, M.E. (UR student), Geng, Y. (UR student), Fischer-Stenger, K., Porter, J.H. and Stewart, J.K. Thr136Ile Polymorphism of Human Vesicular Monoamine Transporter-1 (SLC18A1gene) Influences Its Transport Activity in Vitro,Neuroendocrine Letters, accepted for publication, June 2012.

    Gentile, L., Caudill, L., Fetea, M., Hill, A., Hoke, K., Lawson, B., Lipan, O., Kerckhove, M., Parish, C., Stenger, K., Szajda, D.  Challenging disciplinary boundaries in the first year:  a new introductory integrated science course for STEM majors, Journal of College Science Teaching, vol. 41(5), 2012.

    Ashe, K.M, Chiu, W.-L., Khalifa, A.M., Nicolas, A.N., Brown, B.L., De Martino, R.R. (UR student), Alexander, C.P. (UR student), Waggener, C.T., Fischer-Stenger, K. and Stewart, J.K. Vesicular monoamine transporter-1 (VMAT-1) mRNA and immunoreactive proteins in mouse brain, Neuroendocrine Letters, Vol. 32(3), June 2011.