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The Department of Biology offers students the opportunity to study the living world, from biomolecules to ecosystems. Knowledge of biology is critical for addressing current medical, environmental, and social issues in our rapidly changing world.

Biology Feature Stories

  • Maurakis Receives Film Award

    Eugene Maurakis, a research scientist and adjunct professor, has been awarded “Best Short Film” in the RVA Environmental Film Festival for “Plastic Oceans,” which explores plastic pollution in oceanic environments through art. Read more.

  • Lookingbill Awarded

    Todd Lookingbill, associate professor of geography, environmental studies, and biology, has been named an Outstanding Faculty Award recipient by the State Council of Higher Education. Read more.

  • Boland Awarded

    Linda Boland, professor of biology, has been awarded $35,880 from the National Institutes of Health for her role on the project, A Digital and Open-Source Amplifier for Oocyte Ion Channel Measurements.

  • de Sá Published

    Rafael de Sá, professor of biology, published “Analysis of ultraconserved elements supports African origins of narrow-mouthed frogs” in Molecular Phylogenetic and Evolution.


  • de Sá in the Journal of Morphology

    Rafael de Sá, professor of biology, published “Tadpole of the Amazonian frog Edalorhina perezi (Anura: Leptodactylidae) with description of oral internal and chondrocranial morphology” in Journal of Morphology.

  • Wu Published

    Carrie Wu, associate professor of biology, published "Evolution of multiple postzygotic barriers between species of the Mimulus tiligii complex" in the journal Evolution with coauthors Gabrielle Sandstedt and Andrea Sweigart from the University of Georgia.

  • Wu Recognized

    Carrie Wu, associate professor of biology, received the 2020 Distinguished Educator Award for outstanding contributions to excellence in education.

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Biology feature story

Dr. Carrie Wu, Dr. Kristine Nolin, and three UR students have published "Convergence of glandular trichome morphology and chemistry in two montane monkeyflower (Mimulus, Phrymaceae) species” in the journal Flora.

Bustamante Eguiguren S, H Nguyen, A Caldwell, KA Nolin, and CA Wu. 2020. Convergence of glandular trichome morphology and chemistry in two montane monkeyflower (Mimulus, Phrymaceae) species.  Flora 265: 151567.

2019 Student Award Winners

Congratulations to the following student award winners:

Dickinson Award: Sofia Bustamante, Anthony Isenhour
Smart Award: Jasmine Feng, Katrina Kuhn, Jennifer Piciw, Jonathan Huang