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The Department of Biology offers students the opportunity to study the living world, from biomolecules to ecosystems. Knowledge of biology is critical for addressing current medical, environmental, and social issues in our rapidly changing world.

Biology Feature Stories

  • Quintero Published

    Omar Quintero and four UR students published “The MyMOMA domain of MYO19 encodes for distinct Miro‐dependent and Miro‐independent mechanisms of interaction with mitochondrial membranes” in Cytoskeleton.

  • Quintero Receives Grant

    Omar Quintero was awarded the Bridging to STEM Excellence: Leveraging a Consortium of National STEM Education Initiatives to Improve Undergraduate STEM Teaching and Learning" grant through the National Science Foundation. Learn more here.

  • de Sa Published

    Dr. Rafael de Sa recently published "The unique traits of the subgenus Unicus within Chiasmocleis Méhely".

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Biology Department, Gottwald Science Center B-100
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Phone: (804) 289-8871
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Department Chair: Krista Stenger
Administrative Coordinator: Carol Esposito
Administrative Coordinator, Pre-Health and Integrative Science: Deatrice Cleaton

Biology graduate featured as Women's Day Woman of Impact

Conservationist and National Geographic Explorer Laly Lichtenfeld began her work in East Africa as a Fulbright Scholar researching community-based conservation in 1996.

2019 Student Award Winners

Congratulations to the following student award winners:

Dickinson Award: Sofia Bustamante, Anthony Isenhour
Smart Award: Jasmine Feng, Katrina Kuhn, Jennifer Piciw, Jonathan Huang