Department of Biology

Department of Biology

The Department of Biology offers students the opportunity to study the living world, from biomolecules to ecosystems. Knowledge of biology is critical for addressing current medical, environmental, and social issues in our rapidly changing world.

Major & MinorCourses

Upcoming Courses: Fall 2024

Congrats 2024 Biology Award Winners!

  • Willie M. Reams Award in Biology: Chris Rawson
  • Nominee for the Clarence Denoon Award: Kalynn Cheeks
  • Nominee for the Cole Memorial Scholarship Award: Ariel Seidu
  • Nominee for the Van Divender Scholarship Award: Kalynn Cheeks
  • Biology Service Awards: Lesley Boadu, Shermin Uzair, Jillian Yates
  • Biology Teaching Assistant Awards: Olivia Beatty, Sarah Clark
  • Biology Junior Research Award: Jerry He


  • Biology Senior Research Awards: Olivia Beatty, Camille Walsh-Antzak
  • Biology Junior Achievement Awards: Jerry He and Lydia Wood
  • Biology Senior Achievement Award: Marina Ragoulina
  • John Neasmith Dickinson Memorial Research Awards: John (Zhiang) Fan, Chloe Ngo,
    Jerry He, Amy Jablonski
  • Robert F. Smart Summer Research Awards: Katie Baker, Charlotte Brand, Elliot Delroba,
    Emi Iguchi, Sarah Marsden, Camille Walsh-Antzak

Congratulations to this year's winners, and to all our biology majors!

2024 Biology Gallery Submissions

2024 Biology Photo & Art Contest

Our 3rd annual biology photo/artwork contest included 21 submissions from faculty, staff and students, representing a wide range of images and artwork as seen above. Click below to see our 2024 winners!

Students standing in semi-circle formation in desert setting

Undergraduate Research

Biology students have the unique opportunity to conduct mentored, self-directed research projects by working with biology faculty
Biology Seminar Series

Biology Seminar Series

Special Summer Seminar: Friday, May 24, 2-3pm, Gottwald Auditorium, A001!

Tianyi Wang, PhD Student
Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Title: The Genetic History of Southern East Asia

The fall 2024 schedule will be updated this summer.

Click on discover more on our seminar series for
a listing of 2023-2024 seminar series and links to speaker research.

Urban Ecology Research

Rats have lived alongside us in cities for centuries. We don’t like them, and they’re not good for us — but we don’t know what to do about them. UR’s urban ecologist and biology professor, and his students are on the case.

OAK2 Sorority

ODK Induction Ceremony

Biology department faculty Colleen Carpenter-Swanson was inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) Epsilon Circle on Friday, January 26, 2024. ODK executive members who officiated the ceremony included Gottwald’s very own Jillian Yates ’24, Helen Xia ’24, Olivia Beatty ’24 and Corina Stasiak ’24 (left to right). The ODK Epsilon Circle honors exceptional student, faculty, staff, and alumni leaders who enrich our campus community. Give a warm Spider congratulations to the new ODK members!

Faculty Highlights

Dr. Carrie Wu
Wu Named in 25 Most Impactful Women in Plant Biology

Carrie Wu, associate professor of biology, was recognized as one of “25 Inspiring Women in Plant Biology” by the American Society of Plant Biologist’s (ASPB’s) Women in Plant Biology Committee.

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Dr. Melinda Yang
Yang Published

Melinda Yang, assistant professor of biology, and Kylie Korsnack, assistant director teaching & scholarship hub, published "Pairing a bioinformatics-focused course-based undergraduate research experience with specifications grading in an introductory biology classroom" in Biology Methods and Protocols.

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Dr. Stephen Ferguson
Ferguson Published

Stephen Ferguson, visiting assistant professor of biology, published "What happens when the lights are left on? Transcriptomic and phenotypic habituation to light pollution" in iScience.

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Dr. Omar Quintero-Carmona
Quintero-Carmona Presented

Omar A. Quintero-Carmona, associate professor of biology, presented “Differential Dynamics of Cytoskeletal Motors, Their Adapters, and the Mitochondrial Outer Membrane” at the 68th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society. The talk showcased the research he completed in partnership with University of Richmond undergraduate students Lili Mitchell, ‘21, Kathryn Reda, ‘23, Hijab Fatima, ‘20, and Claudia E. Vasquez, ‘23.

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Phone: (804) 289-8871
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Department Chair: Peter Smallwood
Academic Administrative Specialist: Emily Phaup
Pre-Health and Integrative Science: Emily Phaup