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Recent Department Grants


National Science Foundation EF “Pilot of Southeast Regional PULSE (SERP) Institute for Inspiring and Supporting Department-wide Reform of Undergraduate Life Sciences Education.” (A. Hill)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute “Southeast Regional PULSE (SERP) Institute.” (A. Hill)

UR-OIE International Scholar Award to host Dr. Shingo Sato from the Laboratory of Veterinary Public Health from Nihon University, Japan, for a 2-week research and teaching visit (Brinkerhoff)

UR-OIE Travel Award to attend 8th International Ticks and Tick-Borne Pathogens Conference in Cape Town, South Africa (Brinkerhoff)


National Science Foundation, DBI “Southeast Regional PULSE Conference Planning Meeting.” (A. Hiil).

National Science Foundation, Emerging Frontiers, Transforming Undergraduate Biology Education “EAGER: Raising Awareness of PULSE Through a Targeted Public Awareness Campaign to Engage Life Science Departments in Implementing Vision and Change.” (A. Hill) 

EDEN: Evo-Devo-Eco Network of National Science Foundation  “The Rho/Rock pathway: a metazoan conserved molecular toolkit for epithelial morphogenesis.” (PI for Quentin Schenkelaars, PhD student IMBE, Marseille, France). (A. Hill)

Diversity of pathogenic Bartonella in fleas collected from infected and uninfected mammalian hosts, $2,000.  Weinstein Summer Grant – Faculty.  (Brinkerhoff)


2012-2015 USAID Higher Education for Development/Initiative for Conservation in the Amazon and Andes: Building Conservation Capacity for a Changing Amazonia. (Smallwood)

Vision and Change Leadership Fellow, Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE). (A. Hill)

2012-2014 Thomas F. and Kate Miller Jeffress Memorial Trust Award "Population genetic structure of the Lyme disease vector, Ixodes scapularis, at a spatial expansion front" (Brinkerhoff)

2012 Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (German Electron Synchrotron; DESY) for use of new high brilliance 3rd Generation Synchrotron Radiation Source -Petra III. 2012 “Integrative functional genetic study of developmental genes in early evolved multicellular animals.” (A. Hill with Jörg U. Hammel, Germany).

2012-2015 National Institutes of Health Academic Research Enhancement Award (R15): “Sodalis glossinidius Iron Acquisition” (Runyen-Janecky)

University of Richmond Faculty Summer Research Fellowship: Identification of unique genes in Sodalis glossinidius. (Runyen-Janecky)


2011-2014 The National Cancer Institute Enzymatic and Motor Properties of Myo19. (Quintero)

2011-2018  National Institutes of Health Academic Research Enhancement Award (R15 award)  “Lipid Modulation of Potassium Channels”  (Boland)

2011 LI-COR Environmental Education Fund (LEEF) Ecophysiology Grant (C. Wu)

NSF-RCN (Research Coordination Networks), GCAT-SEEK network (Genome Consortium for Active Teaching NextGen Sequencing Group) (Hilliker)

University of Richmond Faculty Seminar Abroad (Runyen-Janecky)


2010-2012 CHRB: Generation of Mice Deficient in Vesicular Monoamine Transporter-1:  Potential Links to Schizophrenia (Stenger)

2010-2011  Career Enhancement Award, American Physiological Society, “Analysis of Ion Channels from Simple Nervous Systems”  (Boland)

2010-2011  Mednick Memorial Fellowship for Advanced Study, Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges, “Analysis of Ion Channels from Simple Nervous Systems”  (Boland)

University of Richmond Program for Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness Teaching Enhancement Grant (Runyen-Janecky)


2009-2010 National Research Service Awards for Individual Senior Fellows (F33): “Investigation of iron acquisition genes in Sodalis glossinidius using new tools” (Runyen-Janecky)

University of Richmond School of Arts and Science Enhanced-Salary Sabbatical Leave Award (Runyen-Janecky)

2009 Thomas F. and Kate Miller Jeffress Memorial Trust Award “Lipid Modulation of A-Type Potassium Channels.” (Boland)

2009 Thomas F. and Kate Miller Jeffress Memorial Trust Award “Development of a ‘Model Sponge System’ to Study the Evolution of Early Animal Body Plans and Sensory Systems.” (A. Hill)


2008-2011 National Institutes of Health: “Finding polyglutamine disease and rescue mechanisms using proteomic analysis” (Warrick)

2008-2013 National Science Foundation, “Assembling the  Tree of Life:  The Porifera Tree of Life Project.” (A. Hill and M. Hill)

2008-2011 National Science Foundation UBM-Group: “Studying Cell Response to Input Signals as the Basis for Interdisciplinary Training for Undergraduates in Biological and Mathematical Sciences” (Runyen-Janecky and Lipan)