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The Department of Biology offers students the opportunity to study the living world, from biomolecules to ecosystems. Knowledge of biology is critical for addressing current medical, environmental, and social issues in our rapidly changing world.

Department Award Winners

Congratulations to the following student award winners:

John Neasmith Dickinson Award: Eric Chang, Alec D'Alessandro

Willie M. Reams Award: Aidan Winters

Robert F. Smart Award: Yasmin Ali, Bridgette Heine, Zaka Asif, Aidan Winters, Jamar Washington, Sophia Nguyen

Faculty Highlights

  • de Sa Fulbright

    Dr. Rafael de Sa received a Fulbright Distinguished Chair at the Universidad Nacional in Bogotá in Colombia.

  • Grayson Grant

    Dr. Kristine Grayson received a grant from the National Science Foundation for her project, “Linking Thermal Tolerance to Invasion Dynamics: Climate and Physiological Capacity as Regulators of Geographical Spread.”

  • Boland Attends HERS Institute

    Dr. Linda Boland participated in the Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Institute and the Luce program for Women in STEM Leadership. HERS offers leadership development experiences for women in higher education.

  • de Sá Research Featured

    Biology professor Rafael de Sá's discovery of four new species of humming frogs in the Brazil's Atlantic Forest in Research Features magazine.

  • Brinkerhoff Grant

    Dr. Jory Brinkerhoff won a grant from the Jeffress Memorial Trust for his project, “Quantitative Genomic Analysis of Black-legged Tick Populations in Virginia to Identify Processes Associated with Increased Lyme Disease Incidence.”

  • de Sá Service Award

    Dr. Rafael de Sá was recently recgonized for 25 years of service to the University of Richmond.

  • de Sá research featured

    Dr. Rafael de Sá's discovery of three new species of frogs in Brazil's Atlantic Forest was featured in Mongabay.

  • Brinkerhoff Featured on WCVE

    Dr. Jory Brinkerhoff shared his expertise on ticks and Lyme disease with WCVE.

  • Quintero Grant

    Dr. Omar Quintero has been awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health – National Institute for General Medical Services to study Myosin XIX, a motor protein involved in mitochondrial transport.

  • Hilliker Article

    Dr. Angie Hilliker, Audrey Kindsfather, '15, and colleagues from Case Western University published "Coupling between the DEAD-box RNA helicases Ded1p and eIF4A" in eLife.

Summer Research: Ecology, Evolution, and the Genetics of Sponges

Biology Feature Stories

Summer ResearchJunior Will Moreno is on a five-week sailing voyage aboard the SSV Robert Seamans to study the impact of El Nino and climate change on the ecosystem. Learn more
Summer ResearchSenior Hilary Rinsland's research may hold the key to the survival of the pika. Learn more

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