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Biology Photo/Art Contest

Winners of the First Annual Biology Photo/Art Contest

The Biology department invited members of the community to submit photos and artwork for its inaugural photo contest to highlight biologists in action. We received a variety of submissions and thank everyone for their submitted photography and artwork. We recently announced the winners of our first Biology Photo/Art Contest.

2022 Winners:

First Place: Andrew Felix, "Glassware" photo
Honorable Mention: Fabianna Morrell, "The Power You Hold" artwork
Honorable Mention: Camille Walsh-Antzak, "Evolve" artwork

2022 Photo/Art Contest All Submissions
               Joao Tonini, StaffTitle: Pig-nose frog (Dasypops schirchi): an endangered species endemic to the Atlantic Forest in ...
Kathryn Grage, StudentTitle: Monarch Caterpillar on Milkweed
Kathryn Grage, Student: Title: Bumblebee on a Cone Flower
2022 Photo/Art Contest Winners
Andrew Felix, StudentTitle: Glassware
Fabianna Morell, StudentTitle: The Power You Hold
Camille Walsh-Antzak, StudentTitle: Evolve