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Fall 2018 Biology Seminar Series

Unless indicated, all seminars are on Monday from noon to 1 p.m. in the Gottwald Science Center Auditorium (A-001).

September 10

Ruhan Farsin
Dickinson Award recipient

Jack Scheutzow: To Grow or Not To Grow: The Question of Sodalis glossinidius in Response to Heme Stress
SMART Award recipient 

Barbara Fujita: Kinetic Analysis of MYO19/Miro interactions using quantitative fluorescence microscopy
SMART Award recipient

September 14 (note special date and time)
Integrated Inclusive Science Symposium Keynote
4:30 p.m.
Gottwald Atrium

Dr. Sean Decatur, Kenyon College
Aggregating proteins and coupled vibrations:  A case for the integration of biophysical chemistry, problem solving, and the liberal arts

September 17

Dr. Sheila Patak, Duke University
From fast to ultra-fast: the biological world of extreme movement

September 24

Dr. William Browne, University of Miami
Ancient functions in new contexts: the role of Krüppel-like factor genes in the comb jelly Mnemiopsis

October 1

Dr. Blair Armistead, '09, University of Washington School of Public Health
Understanding the pathogens that impact pregnancy: a closer look at Zika virus and Group B Streptococcus

October 8
Dr. Janet Iwasa (University of Utah)
Animating biology

October 15

Fall Break: no seminar

October 22

Dr. Daniel Winkler, USGS Southwest Biological Science Center
Non-native invasions and native die-offs; the future of America's public lands

October 29

Dr. Eugene Wu, University of Richmond
Origin stories: Hypotheses on how life started

November 5

Dr. Lindsey Shields, Smithsonian Institution One Health Program

November 12

Speaker TBD

November 13 (note special time and location
Global Environment Speaker Series
4:30 p.m.
Westhampton Living Room

Dr. James Vonesh, Virginia Commonwealth University
South African summits to sea: a watershed perspective on the society, biodiversity, & freshwater resources

November 19

Speaker TBD

November 26

Speaker TBD

December 3

Conservation Science Talk

Contact seminar series organizer Christie Lacy with questions.